Everything starts with a story

Learn how everything started and follow our journey

Woofbuzz came into existence as a reaction to the stressful experiences that dogs and people face in the city. Alex, a Woofbuzz founder, moved to Berlin from the nature of Austria with his companion Bacci. Bacci had close to zero reactivity, yet was still facing extra daily stress. Then Alex rescued a new dog, Nero, who was found malnourished on the streets of Hungary. Seeking extra help he met the other founder, Harrison.

Harrison had grown up on the outskirts of Dublin surrounded by an array of animals, including many dogs. There was always lots of land for the dogs to roam and enjoy plenty of enrichment. Upon moving to Berlin he began to work with Bacci, Nero and a handful of other dogs with their owners. Observing the dogs, most of them being rescues, he noticed the incredible amounts of stress dogs were being expected to experience daily. This sparked his urges for a deeper understanding of the animal psyche and its needs.

Harrison was also noticing how stressed the handlers were becoming. People were expecting a lot from their dogs in the city, without providing the adequate training for a new environment and sufficient daily enrichment. The idea of bonding with a rescue, or puppy, was supposed to soothe their own stress, yet a lot of people found themselves in deep water as they lacked some crucial canine knowledge.

As Alex and Harrison began to work together with Nero and Bacci, they also began to delve into the dog world. Alex has a successful history in the tech world, and as the two brainstormed together they realised they could combine their knowledge to help the dog world drastically. Working with a wonderful artist Rob, they have combined technology, art and animal science to create Woofbuzz, an educational platform to help people with their dogs, leading to less stress for both, using force-free guidelines.

All the content is designed to make it easy for the user to process, combining short text with art and original illustration, a far cry from the industry standard of super long articles and videos regularly exceeding the 10-minute mark. The content is not only fun and engaging but free and available to revisit. However, all this free content is only one aspect of Woofbuzz, the world’s first full dog platform.

Here is a list of the other features currently being developed for Woofbuzz:

We are designing a sophisticated collar. The collar will be a super lightweight piece of hardware with an array of features tracking: activity, location, pulse, sleep, habits, energy and more. The possibilities for the data we can collect is endless. Quantifying your dog’s daily needs to ensure optimal rest and enrichment is achieved is priceless to handlers. The software for the collar will work through the app.

We have teamed up with the best breed reading API on the market, recognizing over 300 registered breeds. This API is part of our onboarding experience.

We are developing a health section that will include online veterinarian consultations, home worming and allergy tests, and medication’s, and dog centered insurance.

We are currently creating a network of professionals worldwide to provide extra, topic-specific blog posts and information to support the Woofbuzz content and also to connect users with top professional help near to them.

We are developing a trainers circle. We will provide users with a network of trainers close to their location or available online to provide extra support.

We are developing a quality shop with hand made equipment and natural treats and chews. We want to make life easier for users when trying to decide from the array of available goods by providing a shop with the highest level of goods.

We are creating a Woofbuzz fund. From day one 15% of proceeds will be gathered and put to a poll. This poll will decide how it is distributed out to help the dog world best. We hope to help shelters, vets, researchers and to donate to some important funds that support the dog industry.

Later on our road map, we also plan to create a verified breeder network. This way we can standardize breeder practices and ensure ethical practices that all dogs can benefit from, while giving users a direct source to breeders following force-free guidelines.

This is the Woofbuzz story so far. Woofbuzz hopes to impact the dog world immensely. We hope we can create networks of shared values across the entire world. We know we can make a positive change for all the dogs and their companions of this planet.

Everybody is welcome to join our story and play a role in this exciting journey!